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This is the first in our range of Smart Brain Teas: "Focus & Concentrate" 

Ingredients: Organic cinnamon, organic ginger, cloves, cardamon, gingko leaves and organic lemon balm

L. Hallinan

"Smart Brain, Healthy Brain” is one of those little books you pick up to flick through, but end up totally engrossed in.   It is not so much a book about Alzheimer’s disease, but a handbook to guide you on caring for what is arguably your body’s most important organ – the brain.    It is a book that may just set you on the right path to a happy, healthy brain for the rest of your life."

The Senior Newspaper, January & February editions 2015. Natalie Williams

A systematic review found that cognitive exercises can produce moderate to large beneficial effects on memory related outcomes.

'Smart Brain Healthy Brain" ref: 83